First Aid

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1. Why can it be dangerous for someone to be bitten/stung in the throat?

  • They could experience pain.
  • They can't eat or drink.
  • They could struggle to breathe.
  • They could get anaphylactic shock.
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2. List one clue for someone with heat exhaustion?

  • sweating
  • pale skin
  • watering eyes

3. What can cause low blood sugar?

  • Heat
  • Lack of food/water/sugar.
  • Excercise

4. What does RICE stand for?

  • Rest Ice Compress Elevate
  • Rest Ignore Compress Elevate
  • Rest Ice Cling film Elevate

5. List 3 features of a sprain/strain.

  • dislocation,pain,break
  • fracture,break,pain
  • pain,swelling,bruising
  • pain,cuts,dislocation


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