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1. "It was the same room into which he had been ushered, as a guest, ...

  • seventeen years before."
  • nineteen years before."
  • eighteen years before."
  • twenty years before."
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2. "My love for Heathcliff resembles...

  • the eternal rocks"
  • his love for me."
  • that of an owner to a dog."
  • my love for Linton."

3. "...he seized the poker, smashed the lock from the inner door, and...

  • made his escape as they tramped in."
  • disappeared in a puff of smoke."
  • snuck through."
  • jumped to freedom."

4. "She told me that she had been walking...

  • through the door and down the stairs."
  • the earth these twenty years."
  • amongst the moors all night."
  • the earth forever."

5. "Good things lost...

  • amid a wilderness of weeds."
  • to never be found."
  • amongst bad things."
  • to bad people."


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