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1. "Set two tables here, Ellen; one for your master and Miss Isabella, being gentry; the other for Heathcliff and myself, ...

  • being of lower orders."
  • being of higher orders."
  • seeing as we are servants."
  • the hierarchy of the house."
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2. "A high wind blustered round the house, and...

  • ran a chill down my spine."
  • blew me over."
  • roared in the chimney."
  • gave me goosebumps."

3. "...her bright cheek, as soft and pure...

  • like a baby duck's feathers."
  • in its bloom as a wild rose."
  • as a lily petal."
  • as the pale moonlight."

4. "I would not keep my doors barred in...

  • the morning."
  • the evening."
  • the day time."
  • the night time."

5. "I began to doubt whether he were a...

  • a housekeeper or not"
  • a servant or not"
  • a lady or not"
  • a master or not"


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