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syndentic sentence
a sentence with the correct ammount of conjunctives.
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what is a conjunctive?
A connective
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Asyndentic sentence?
A sentence with less than the neccesary ammount of conjunctives.
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A sentence with too many conjunctives.
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What is deontic modality. Give 2 examples
Deontic modality is a deontic modal verb that has 100% degree of certainty. E.G will, must,
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what is epistemic modality? Give 2 examples.
A modal verb that does show some unceratinty. E.G could, might
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The bautiful Flower. Which is the adjectice and what type of adjective is it?
Beautiful! attributive.
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How do we remember which adjective is the attributive and which is the predicative?
attributive- begins with A, further forward in the alphabet so comes before the noun it is describing.P-predicative. P is further on in the alphabet than A so it comes after the noun its describing.
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I swam. What type of verb is this?
Dynamic. Movement is involved.
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I sat. What type of verb is this?
Stative. Limited movement required.
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What are the different types of register and what do they mean?
Beaurocratic- Law, Academic- Language in which you would have to be educated to understand, Technical, Technical words within a subject. E.G ballet- plie. Medical- Language associated with medical stuff! Standard English, what it says on the tin.
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Which two registers didnt i mention earlier/
slang, colloqouil
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What are all the different types of adverb.
manner, time, place, degree, duration
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what are the 4 maxims?
Relevance, manner, quantity and quality
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what is deixis? spoken or writen feature?
spoken! deixis is when you used ambigous terms such as 'him' and you must have followed the conversation to what who 'him'is
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ermmmmm....urnnnnn. spoken language fillers
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'it might be' a way of lightening the force.
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what are the two main types of semantics?
figurative language/ rhetorical language
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types of figurative language
metaphor, simile, personification, zoomorphism,anthropomorphism.
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what is a conjunctive?


A connective

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Asyndentic sentence?


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What is deontic modality. Give 2 examples


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