Film studies theory

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1. what is the oppositional reading?

  • The audience may reject the preffered reading and recieve their own message.
  • when you take the preffered reading
  • the opposite reading
  • your own added values and opions
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2. what is the negoitionted reading??

  • Acknowledge the preffered reading but modfying it to their own values and reads.
  • when you get the producer's hoped view on the text
  • when you adapt it to your own values and opions
  • when you change it.

3. what is the preffered reading?

  • What the producer hopes the audiecne would take from the text.
  • when you prefer to read a book rather than a comic
  • when you have an opion over something rather the other
  • when you want it

4. What is moral panic

  • when your morals are questioned
  • when your morals are questioned
  • to do with the dealing of violence and drama in the media.
  • when you start to get hot and clammy as your stressed

5. However what is the main issue of this cycle?

  • the idea of labeling people in society.
  • The real problem is never realy solved.
  • it's often moral angst rather tham moral panic
  • not all events occour in this order.


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