Film studies theory

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1. What is moral panic

  • when you start to get hot and clammy as your stressed
  • when your morals are questioned
  • to do with the dealing of violence and drama in the media.
  • when your morals are questioned
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2. what is the negoitionted reading??

  • Acknowledge the preffered reading but modfying it to their own values and reads.
  • when you get the producer's hoped view on the text
  • when you adapt it to your own values and opions
  • when you change it.

3. what is the preffered reading?

  • What the producer hopes the audiecne would take from the text.
  • when you prefer to read a book rather than a comic
  • when you have an opion over something rather the other
  • when you want it

4. how does this theory work?

  • by having everyone quesiton their morals
  • the media uses a scapegoat in order to manipulate and purusade their audience to a certain motion. Disportionate responces by the public are seen as endangering the social values. Therefore sollutions must be found to prevent mass hysteria.
  • by creating mass hysteria
  • by seeing whos the moral compass

5. What is the cycle of moral panic?

  • counter action, panic, amplification, whitch hunt and sensificaiton.
  • A crisis happens.The public then becomes sensitive to the issue. Deviants in society are hunted to become scapegoats. The goverment adds defination to the issue and now appears to be fact. The deviant issue is escallated: there is panic in the public
  • sensification, amplificaiton, whitch hunt, pani and counter action.
  • a criis happens, whitch hunt, panic, counter action, sensification and amplificaition.


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