Fighting Disease

What is bacteria
very small living cells that reproduce rapidly in the body
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a virus ......
damage cells in which they reproduce
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produce toxins that make us feel ill
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What is a virus
reproduce rapidly inside cells in the body
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what stops bacteria getting in
skin, stomach acid, lysozyme, mucus
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what are pathogens
microorganisms that cause disease
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how is disease spread
through air, food, water, sex, animals
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Who is semmelweiss
a guy who told doctors to wash their hands so they didnt give diseases to the pregnant women
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what do antitoxins do to toxins
neutralise toxin
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what is the cell called that kills pathogens
white blood cell
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what is the name given to when WBC engulf the microorganisms
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How are microorganisms destroyed in phagocytosis
using enzymes
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What are found on the surface of microorganisms in the antibody proccess
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how antigens remember the vaccination disease
memory cells
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what do antigens do
identify the mictobe
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how do antibodies destroy the pathogen
they lock onto the pathogen and then destroy it by clumping together and then phagocytosis
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example of a painkiller
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example of antibiotics
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what do painkillers do
relieve pain
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what do antibiotics do
kill or prevent the growth of the bacteria causing the problem
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what isnt affected by antibiotics
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how do you become resistant to antibiotics
if you stop taking the antibiotic too early
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what is agar
a gell growth medium for microbes
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can agar be melted
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microbes need to grow between/at____
25 - 45 degrees
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in schools what is the maximum temperature an incubator can be
25 degrees
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in industry what temperature are incubators kept at
37 degrees
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what are classware and culture media sterilised in
an autoclave
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work with microbes is carried out near ____
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a virus ......


damage cells in which they reproduce

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What is a virus


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what stops bacteria getting in


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