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2. What work can be done in the future to further aid the findings?

  • Identifying the impact of human development on the HR and other aspects of the Bradshaw model i.e. discharge increasing as you go downstream
  • None of the following
  • Using textbooks to identify the impact that chemicals may have on the river
  • Supporting charity groups that are against the economic development of the land around Glenderaterra Beck

3. What 3 factors should be looked at when doing a risk assessment?

  • Hazard, Hazard management and impact on fieldwork
  • Risk, Prevention and Ongoing Assessment
  • Hazard, Risk and Contingency Plans
  • None of the above

4. What was the conclusion of the results?

  • There is no direct pattern between efficiency and going downstream
  • Efficiency decreases as you go downstream
  • Efficiency does increase as you go downstream
  • None of the following

5. What does critical value mean?

  • None of the above
  • Set of values that decide how linked the two factors are
  • Set of values that show the reliability of the data
  • A value used for Health & Safety regulations to determine the safety of the method


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