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1. What improvements can be done to the fieldwork for future students?

  • All of the following
  • Identify more stream orders to undergo the testing
  • Use a metal tape measure instead of a plastic tape measure
  • Collect a greater volume of data from the stream orders
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2. Which of the following should not be done when plotting a scatter graph?

  • Use a scale i.e. 4cm=1m
  • Labelling units i.e x=width y=height
  • Use a pen to sketch the graph
  • Join the points with a smooth curve

3. What is the formula for Identifying the Hydraulic Radius/HR?

  • HR = Cross Sectional Area/Wetted Perimeter
  • HR = Cross sectional Area X Wetted perimeter
  • HR = Wetted Perimeter/Cross Sectional Area
  • HR = Wetted Area X Cross Sectional Area X 3.147/Pi

4. Why was this method done?

  • To identify the wetted perimeter
  • To identify the cross sectional area
  • To (directly) identify the HR
  • To identify how much erosion occurred

5. Which one of the following describes stratified sampling?

  • All data has the same possibility of being chosen
  • Data divided into characteristics of choice i.e. Every blue flower
  • Data with consistent increments i.e. every 10 metres


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