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1. What secondary data was sought out during the fieldwork?

  • Geographical textbooks; to identify theory behind the results of the fieldwork
  • Webpages; to identify whether any chemicals were present in the river
  • Previous fieldwork data; to plot scattergraphs to show impact of river over time
  • Google maps; to show visual images of sections of the river that we didn't look at
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2. What/who are the findings useful for?

  • Universities and schools studying rivers
  • The (general) population that live in proximity to the river
  • All of the following
  • River protection agencies such as 'River Trust'

3. What equipment was used in the method?

  • Chain tape measure
  • Spirometer
  • (Plastic) Tape measure
  • Ruler

4. Which one of the following describes stratified sampling?

  • All data has the same possibility of being chosen
  • Data divided into characteristics of choice i.e. Every blue flower
  • Data with consistent increments i.e. every 10 metres

5. What is the spearmans rank coefficient?

  • Numerical representation showing the extent of which two factors correlate
  • The constant of river erosion
  • Subjective representation showing the extent of which two factors correlate
  • Chewing gum


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