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1. Which of the following should not be done when plotting a scatter graph?

  • Use a pen to sketch the graph
  • Use a scale i.e. 4cm=1m
  • Labelling units i.e x=width y=height
  • Join the points with a smooth curve
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2. What is the formula for Identifying the Hydraulic Radius/HR?

  • HR = Wetted Perimeter/Cross Sectional Area
  • HR = Wetted Area X Cross Sectional Area X 3.147/Pi
  • HR = Cross Sectional Area/Wetted Perimeter
  • HR = Cross sectional Area X Wetted perimeter

3. What was the hypothesis?

  • Efficiency increases as you go upstream
  • None of the above
  • Efficiency increases as you go downstream
  • Efficiency decreases as you go downstream

4. What equipment was used in the method?

  • Chain tape measure
  • (Plastic) Tape measure
  • Ruler
  • Spirometer

5. What was the purpose of the fieldwork?

  • To identify vegetation changes along the river
  • To test various aspects of the bradshaw model
  • To analyse the impact of human development on the river
  • All of the above


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