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1. What was the conclusion of the results?

  • There is no direct pattern between efficiency and going downstream
  • Efficiency does increase as you go downstream
  • None of the following
  • Efficiency decreases as you go downstream
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2. What equipment was used in the method?

  • (Plastic) Tape measure
  • Spirometer
  • Ruler
  • Chain tape measure

3. Which factor from the Bradshaw model explains why the HR should increase as you go downstream?

  • Gradient decreases as you go downstream
  • Volume of load carried increases as you go downstream
  • Channel width (and depth) increases as you go downstream
  • Velocity increases as you go downstream

4. What improvements can be done to the fieldwork for future students?

  • Collect a greater volume of data from the stream orders
  • All of the following
  • Use a metal tape measure instead of a plastic tape measure
  • Identify more stream orders to undergo the testing

5. How was the data (Cross Sectional Area) presented?

  • Pie chart
  • None of the following
  • Scatter graph
  • Table


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