Fibres and Fabrics, Fabric Contsruction

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1. What is the only non woven method that produces a relatively strong fabric?

  • heated until fused together
  • stitched together
  • felting (wool felt)
  • needle punched together
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2. What is a man made fibre called?

  • synthetic
  • regenerated
  • natural

3. What is the selvedge?

  • The diagonal of the fabric
  • The woven edge of the fabric
  • The edge of the fabric that frays

4. What is an elastomeric fibre, give an example.

  • a fibre that absorbs alot of water, wool.
  • a VERY stretchy fibre, cotton.
  • a VERY stretchy fibre, elastane.
  • a rigid fibre that doesn't stretch, linen.

5. What is a property of ALL knitted fabrics?

  • They stretch
  • They fray
  • They crease easily
  • They are cold to wear


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