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2. What does the MAR do?

  • holds the memory location of data
  • stores data under this register in the memory
  • buffers memory in the processor waiting to be executed
  • volatile memory

3. what does the program counter store?

  • the address of the next instruction
  • the next instruction
  • the number of instructions completed
  • the current instruction in the processor

4. what is the use of the mbr?

  • buffers data coming from external networks
  • where data is decoded before execution
  • to temporarily store data whilst it's waiting to be processed
  • buffers data depending on internet speed

5. what is the use of the ALU

  • commands the entire CPU
  • where arithmetic and logic problems are performed
  • decodes data before executed
  • controls the data bus to regulate its network




Theres a wrong answer.  The data bus sends/receives data.

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