Feminist Perspective of the Family

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1. What is the biggest criticism of these perspectives?

  • They need to understand their arguments
  • They all assume the traditional nuclear family is the dominant family type
  • They don't understand what they arguing about
  • They like argue with each other
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2. What types of feminist perspective are there?

  • Difference, Functionalist, New Right and Postmodernist
  • Liberal, Marxist, Radical and Difference
  • Marxist, Difference, New Right and Liberal
  • Liberal, Functionalist, Radical and Postmodernist

3. What criticism would Radical Feminists have towards Liberal Feminist's approach to the family?

  • They find their argument invalid
  • They find Liberal Feminists annoying
  • They would argue that Liberal Feminists are too optimistic about how the family is less oppressive for women and fail to recognise ongoing issues
  • They find that they base their theory too much on capitalism

4. What are Difference Feminists argument?

  • They are not alienated by the aim for female rights
  • They argue that every indivdual, and every woman has a different experience of the family
  • That they are different from everyone else
  • They argue hat Radical Feminism is stupid


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