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2. What effect does progesterone have on GnRH release?

  • Promotes cyclic secretion only
  • Promotes it
  • Inhibits it
  • Promotes pulsatile secretion only

3. What is added in glycosylation of the Beta subunits of gonadotrophins?

  • Carbohydrates and sialic acid
  • Carbohydrates
  • Sulphide bridges and cabohydrates
  • Carbohydrates and glutamine

4. Where are the GnRH nuclei found?

  • Preoptic Area
  • Hypothalamaus
  • Optic Chiasm
  • Arcuate nucleus

5. What type of epithelium do the granulosa cells of a primary follicle form?

  • Simple squamous
  • Stratified cuboidal
  • Simple cuboidal
  • Stratified squamous


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