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2. What does FSH do?

  • Produces corpus luteum in ovaries
  • Stimulates follicular growth in ovaries
  • Stimulates follicular lysis in ovaries
  • Stimulates growth of ovaries

3. What does inhibin do?

  • Inhibits GnRH
  • Inhibits FSH
  • Inhibits LH
  • Inhibits oestradiol

4. What is produced at first oestrus (i.e. puberty onset)?

  • Secondary oocyte and polar body
  • Ovum
  • Primary oocyte and polar body
  • Secondary oocyte

5. What is added in glycosylation of the Beta subunits of gonadotrophins?

  • Carbohydrates and glutamine
  • Carbohydrates
  • Carbohydrates and sialic acid
  • Sulphide bridges and cabohydrates


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