1. Which of the following is not an example of a country with a core ethnofederal region?

  • Hausu-Fulani group (55% of pop) in Nigerian First Republic
  • Serb Republic in Yugoslavia (42% against 20% Croat population)
  • French bloc in Canada
  • Russian Republic in the USSR
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2. To who does the theory of Imagined Communities belong?

  • Bermeo
  • Shugart
  • Anderson
  • Brancati

3. Who said 'federal systems that have persisted do so not because they have eliminated conflict but because they have managed it'?

  • Watt
  • Bulb
  • Volt
  • Shock

4. What is the overall effect of federalism on suppressing conflict?

  • positive but undermined by growth of regional parties
  • negative

5. Who finds that the race to the bottom in federal systems is not found in undercutting other states but rather in a failure to adjust for inflation unless other states do the same?

  • Volden
  • Bermeo
  • Bakke and Wibbels
  • Hale


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