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6. Who notes that most separatist violence emerges as a result of central refusal to respond to initially moderate demands from minorities?

  • Sambanis
  • Bunce
  • Bakke
  • Wibbels

7. Who says that what determines whether a state is created as federal or unitary is whether the constituent states of a potential federation have high levels of what Michael Mann calls 'infrastructural capacity'?

  • Linz
  • Cheibub
  • Ziblatt
  • Riker

8. Which two countries have the greatest levels of peace without foreign military intervention due to their establishment of consociational power sharing arrangements?

  • Belgium and Tanzania
  • Luxembourg and Niger
  • The Netherlands and Madagascar

9. Who says that federalism is more like a marble cake than a layer cake?

  • Gurr
  • Brancati
  • Grozdins
  • Wilkinson

10. Who says that 'in the absence of federalism, geographically concentrated minorities seem less prone to either want to leave the state or... to succeed in doing so'?

  • Bunce
  • Huntington
  • Bermeo
  • Hale

11. Who estimates that they assimilation of ethnic groups requires between 300 and 700 years?

  • Deutsch
  • Francais
  • Espana

12. Wibbels finds that federal economies in developing systems fair worse than their unitary counterparts, increasing the budget deficits by what percent of expenditure?

  • 3.4
  • 2.8
  • 1.5
  • 6.2

13. Who finds that the race to the bottom in federal systems is not found in undercutting other states but rather in a failure to adjust for inflation unless other states do the same?

  • Hale
  • Volden
  • Bakke and Wibbels
  • Bermeo

14. All ethnofederations that have collapsed have possessed core ethnic regions, whereas no ethnofederation lacking a core ethnic region has collapsed. True or false?

  • True
  • False

15. Since 1945, ethnic conflict has played a major role in x% of all wars, turned over y million people into refugees and caused z million deaths.

  • 50, 12, 11
  • 40, 13, 14

16. Which of the following is not a reason why core ethnic regions make a state more susceptible to collapse?

  • lack of equal distribution of wealth amongst communities
  • dual power stations
  • reduction in the capacity of central government to credibly commit to the protection of ethnic minority groups
  • the collective imagining of a core-group nation state

17. Who says that collective disadvantages and relative deprivation are at the heart of political mobilisation?

  • Quack
  • Gurr
  • Roar
  • Purr

18. Which of the following is not one of Riker's conditions for federalism?

  • states have a veto over central government powers
  • there is some guarantee of autonomy in its own sphere
  • two levels of government that rule the same land and people
  • each level of government has at least one area of action in which is is autonomous

19. Who says that 'federalism is chiefly a property of constitutions not societies'?

  • Brooks
  • Grozdins
  • Manza
  • Gurr

20. Which is not one of the three countries Stepan says will never become stable democracies without 'workable federal systems' due to high levels of ethnic and linguistic diversity?

  • China
  • Burma
  • Indonesia
  • Russia