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2. Which is not one of the three countries Stepan says will never become stable democracies without 'workable federal systems' due to high levels of ethnic and linguistic diversity?

  • Russia
  • Burma
  • China
  • Indonesia

3. Which of the following is not one of Riker's conditions for federalism?

  • there is some guarantee of autonomy in its own sphere
  • two levels of government that rule the same land and people
  • states have a veto over central government powers
  • each level of government has at least one area of action in which is is autonomous

4. What is the definition of a core ethnofederal region?

  • contains either an outright majority of the population or makes up 20% more of the population than the second largest region
  • higher density of one ethnic group than all other regions

5. What example does Brancati give to demonstrate how regional parties bolster secessionism?

  • Bloc Quebecois
  • South Tyrolean Peoples' party
  • The Northern League in Italy (Padania)
  • The Scottish National Party


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