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2. Who notes that violence is more likely in India when Muslim minorities were not electorally valuable for Hindu majorities?

  • Wilkinson
  • Gilette
  • Venus
  • Bic

3. Which two countries have the greatest levels of peace without foreign military intervention due to their establishment of consociational power sharing arrangements?

  • Belgium and Tanzania
  • Luxembourg and Niger
  • The Netherlands and Madagascar

4. Who says that 'federalism is chiefly a property of constitutions not societies'?

  • Gurr
  • Brooks
  • Manza
  • Grozdins

5. Wibbels finds that federal economies in developing systems fair worse than their unitary counterparts, increasing the budget deficits by what percent of expenditure?

  • 3.4
  • 6.2
  • 2.8
  • 1.5


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