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2. What are complications and sequelae?

  • Secondary and remote consequences of the disease
  • Death of the person
  • When the disease is contagious
  • Mechanisms that lead to disease

3. What is prognosis?

  • Anticipated course of the disease (cure, remission) or fate of the patient
  • The early stages of a disease
  • The curing of a disease
  • When a disease interacts with drugs

4. What is epidemiology?

  • Incidence, prevalence and population distribution of the disease
  • How a disease has changed over time
  • Time since death
  • How likely the patient is to die of a disease

5. What is Aetiology?

  • Duration of the disease
  • Cause of the disease
  • Mechanism of the cause of the disease
  • Prevalence of the disease


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