Fatty acids and fats

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1. what does the shorthand for fatty acids represent?

  • no. of single bonds and carbon atoms
  • no. and position of double bonds only
  • no. of carbon atoms, no. of double bonds and their position
  • no. of carbon atoms and no. of hydrogen atoms
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2. main use of glycerol

  • making sweets
  • pharmeceuticals
  • fermentation

3. are cis or trans fatty acids healthier?

  • cis
  • trans

4. IUPAC name for glycerol?

  • propan-1,6,3-triol
  • propan-1,2,3-triol
  • propan-1,3,4-triol

5. Biodiesel produced when fatty acid+ ethanol -> ethyl ester + glycerol. this is known as

  • reduction
  • transesterification
  • condensation
  • oxidation using alcohols


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