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2. the skin produces what in response to sunlight ?

  • Collagen
  • elastin
  • Vitamin D
  • vitamin A

3. A client aged 35 is concerned about wrinkles, what should you recommend to them?

  • An eye cream
  • an eye gel
  • a richer moisteriser
  • an exfoliant

4. what are open pores?

  • stretched ducts or hair folicles
  • small raised lumps
  • pink lines
  • areas containing infection

5. why is it important to agree to a contract before creating a design plan?

  • it will express terms and conditions of the design plan and the payment of the work.
  • it will give some details about the job and an idea of the payment.
  • it will look good on your CV
  • it is not important as long as you get paid.


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