Family Types (QUIZ)

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1. What is an empty nest family?

  • A couple living together without any children
  • One or more parent(s) living in a house after their children have moved out
  • Staying in regular contact with your children despite living apart
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2. What is a single person household?

  • One person living alone
  • A house full of single people
  • 2 adults who aren't married with children

3. What is a beanpole family?

  • Living with/regular contact with grandparents and/or great-grandparents
  • Living with/regular contact with parents
  • Living with/regular contact with cousins

4. What is a symmetrical family?

  • Homosexuals living together/in a relationship
  • 2 adults who perform equally shared roles
  • Dual-working family (both parents work)

5. What is a cohabiting couple?

  • One person living alone
  • A couple living together without being married
  • A couple staying in regular contact despite living apart


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