Family Types- Definitions

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1. Beanpole is......

  • a single person living on their own
  • a family that generationally is long and thin (vertical extension)
  • a family that is generationally long and fat
  • people living in a big house together
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2. Extended family is......

  • when you live in multiple houses
  • when you have step siblings
  • any addition to the nuclear family such as grandparents
  • when you accept any odd person into your family

3. Reconstituted is a family.....

  • where their is remarriage or new relationship
  • when you change your family
  • who want some time apart from each other
  • where their's a secret love child

4. Cohabitation is when.....

  • an unmarried couple live together like man and wife
  • you live with someone else
  • you live with your best friends
  • you live in the wilderness

5. Lone Parenthood is.....

  • a family which contains one parent and their child(ren)
  • a divorced couple with children
  • a parent who lives on their own
  • a widowed parent


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