family structure

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1. What following things such be provided by a family?

  • Socialisation skills, food clothing and shelter, love affection and comfort.
  • providing some basic needs in nessecery
  • hate, lack of acknoledgment
  • Some aspects of love and benevolence
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2. What is traditionally expected of girls?

  • To be brave when hurt
  • To play with dolls and be well-behaved and quiet
  • Be physically active
  • To be nosy and boisterous

3. What is primary socialisation?

  • The first socialisation a child will have
  • To slightly disapline them
  • Primary socialisation is when parents teach children what is expected of them for example norms and values.
  • To talk primarliy to people

4. What factor shouldn't you do when having a baby?

  • Have a hectic lifestyle
  • Have sutiable housing
  • Have a stable relationship
  • Have money to provide for the child

5. Which is not a family structure?

  • nuclear family
  • Foster family
  • caring family
  • extended family


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