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Beanpole family
an extended family with serveral generations. Each generation has ver few members.
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Conjugal roles
domestic roles of married or cohabiting partners
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Agency of socialization
a social group responsiblefor undertaking socialization. E.g. families.
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Division of domestic labour
the division of conjugal roles and household labours, such as housework, childcare and DIY between men and women within the home
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Dual-earner household
household in which more then 2 adults work.
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Dual-worker familes
familes with both of the adult partners work.
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Extended Family
where a nuclear family live with other relatives. The type of the family can either be vertical or longitudinal.
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a married coupleliving with, or without children, or a lone parent living with a child, or children.
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The average number of children which a women has in her life time in a particular society.
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Gay or lesbian family
a family with a same sex couple living with their child or children.
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Gender roles
Tranditional social roles related to gender. For example, the house wive and breadwinner
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the person within a family who brings in an income. Traditionally this was the man of the household.
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the could be a person living alone, od a group of people who live at the same adress, and share meals. Normally familes live in one of these.
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the flow of resources in to a household over a specific period of time. This might be cash (e.g. from earnings).
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Joint congjugal roles
domestic roles which must be split among a married of cohabiting couple
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Lone parent family
a family which consists of only one parent and their child or children
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Conjugal roles


domestic roles of married or cohabiting partners

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Agency of socialization


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Division of domestic labour


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Dual-earner household


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