Familia Valera Miranda

When do Familia Valera Miranda originate from?
Oriente (Eastern) part of Cuba
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What town do they originate from?
Santiago de Cuba
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Mother and Father's names?
Felix and Carmen Valera Miranda
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Son's names?
Enrique, Raul and Ernesto
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Felix's brother?
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What did the family perform?
Traditional Cuban music handed down through generations of their ancestors.
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Where does their music originate from?
Lives and experiences of subsistence famers, Andalusian immigrants, in the East of Cuba (some had slave roots)
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When did the family first gain attention?
Featured in study/recordings of Cuban musicologist Danilo Orozoco.
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What song do they appear in?
La Antologia Integral de Son
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When did they release their first album?
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What was their first album called?
Oriente de Cuba: The Son
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When did they release their second album?
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What was their second album called?
Cuba: La Familia Valera Miranda
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When did they start touring?
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Where have they performed?
Europe, USA and Canada
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What festivals have they appeared in?
Folk and World Music festivals such as WOMAD.
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Which son has created a parallel career as a salsa musician and record producer?
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What are these songs a perfect example of?
the son
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Where does the son originate from?
19th century
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When did the son become nationally popular?
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What is Cuban Son a fusion of?
Musical elements from Spain as well as African elements.
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Example of West African influences?
syncopated, layered rhythms, call and response and the use of percussion instruments that developed from African models
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Example of Spanish influences?
Functional chords, guitar, Cuatro and Double Bass
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What was the original vocal form?
Call and Response
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What changed when son began to be used at dances?
Chordal accompaniment on instruments was added
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What is 'Se quema la chumbamba' about?
An incident in the family's history when a piece of land caught fire
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What is 'Alla va candela' about?
concerned with the intense joys of love.
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What is the line up on the recordings?
Lead, vocals, Chorus vocals, guitar, Cuatro, Maracas, bongos, claves
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What is a Cuatro?
An eight-string instrument related to the guitar, with strings tuned in pairs
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What is the vocal setting in both of the songs?
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What is the vocal range in 'Se Quema La Chumbamba'?
Limited, lead spans minor sixth while chorus refrains span a minor ninth in total
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What is the vocal range of 'Alla va Candela'?
Wider range for lead vocals, spanning twelfth in bolero section but more restricted in the son section. Chorus, restricted to repeated octaves on note E.
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What does the Cuatro play?
A mixture of solo melodic lines and strummed chords
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What does the percussion play?
Typical Latin American style, uses continuous maracas quavers and improvised bongo patterns.
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What is the structure of 'Se Quema La Chumbamba'?
Four Bar Cuatro introduction, presents guajeo throughout the song, regular succession of eight bar pregon 'verses', eight bar coro 'refrain'
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Tonality of 'Chumbamba'?
Diatonic G minor, no modulations
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Tonality of 'Candela'?
Diatonic E Major throughout, no modulation
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Chord usage in 'Chumbamba'?
very limited
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