Factors which affect climate change

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1. Volcanic eruptions release large amounts of... into the atmosphere which acts as a cloak+ reduce the amount of radiation reaching the Earth's surface

  • Sulphur dioxide+ ash
  • Nitrous oxides+ ash
  • Carbon dioxide+ sulphur dioxide
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2. The shape of the Earth's orbit around the Sun varies from nearly circular to elliptical and back to circular every...

  • 10000 years
  • 95000 years
  • 41000 years

3. What happened after the Mountain Tambora erupt?

  • It was unusually cold over much of the world with Europe having heavy snowfalls+ frost throughout the summer
  • It was unusually hot the following year, with Europe having a hot summer

4. Without the greenhouse effect the global temperature would be ... instead of the present...

  • 160C; 24.5oC
  • -18oC; +15oC
  • -15oC; 18oC

5. The greater the angle of the tilt of the Earth's axis, the ... the summers+ the ... the winters are

  • Hotter; colder
  • Colder; hotter


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