Factors influencing eating behaviour

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1. What does the Mediterranean Diet consist of?

  • Fruit, veg, olive oil, moderate levels of dairy, moderate levels of fish and poultry and low levels of red meat
  • High levels of fat and sugar such as fast food and red meat
  • High levels of red meat, high levels of dairy and low levels of fish, fruit and veg
  • High levels of olive oil, fruit and veg, low levels of dairy and fish, and moderate levels of red meat
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2. What is the rank order that Steptoe found pps used when taking into account what to eat?

  • Sensory appeal, price, convenience, health
  • Type of food, calories, price
  • Health, price, weight
  • Calories, sensory appeal, how nice it looks

3. Pima Indians were compared when moved to new areas influenced by American culture and those who stayed in the area and found...

  • Obesity wasn't found in either group
  • Those who left their communities had lower levels of obesity
  • Those who stay in their communities have low levels of obesity
  • There was no difference between the two

4. What did Warsink find?

  • The grapes were eaten when the pps were sad and the popcorn was eaten when the pps were happy
  • That in the sad film, pps ate more popcorn (bad food to cheese them up) and in the happy film, they ate grapes (good food to sustain the happy mood)
  • That mood didn't affect food preference
  • That no one ate the food provided and brought their own

5. Why do we eat?

  • For fun
  • To gain the right nutrients to survive
  • Because we are bored
  • To live


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