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2. What is not an evaluation point in Loftus' misleading study?

  • The way in recall is tested has been critisised
  • very artificial as in court, tension and anxiety may have an added affect on them
  • Even if money was offered the recall didn't increase
  • Christianson and Hubinette found diffrent results

3. Who found that children can omit more information than adults?

  • Saywitz
  • Ceci+ Bruck
  • Leichtman and Ceci
  • Koriat et al

4. Which of these is not a part of the cognitive interveiw

  • Reporting every detail
  • Recalling the event in different orders
  • Answering chronologically
  • Recreating the context of the incident
  • Changing Perspectives

5. In the weapon focus study by Loftus, what were the % who described the man with the pen Vs the man with the knife?

  • 49% Pen ,33% Knife
  • 33% Knife, 49% Pen
  • 52% Pen , 63% Knife
  • 30% Pen , 15% Knife


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