Factors Affecting Eye Witness Testimony

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1. Which of these is not an interview condition that affects children?

  • Repeated questions
  • Schema related questions
  • Encouragement to visualise
  • Interviewer Bias
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2. Which of these was not found in Geiselman et al's study?

  • Those under cognitive confabulated 0.2 more items than standard
  • Those under cognitive gave 41.5 items correct
  • Information gain was 47%
  • Those under standard interveiw gave 29.4 items correct

3. Which of these is not an evealuation point for the cognitive interview?

  • Holidays Childrens Bday Party study
  • Fisher et al's detectives study
  • Loftus Misleading studies
  • Bekerian and Dennett review of 27 studies

4. Which of these is not a part of the cognitive interveiw

  • Recalling the event in different orders
  • Answering chronologically
  • Changing Perspectives
  • Reporting every detail
  • Recreating the context of the incident

5. Who wrote the obvious misleading information study?

  • Koriat at al
  • Loftus
  • Geiselman and Padilla
  • Yuille and Cutshall


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