Factors Affecting Eye Witness Testimony

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1. Which of these is not an evealuation point for the cognitive interview?

  • Loftus Misleading studies
  • Fisher et al's detectives study
  • Bekerian and Dennett review of 27 studies
  • Holidays Childrens Bday Party study
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2. How many people picked the wrong slide in the mislead group, in Loftus' Yield Study

  • 41%
  • 75%
  • 23%
  • 20%

3. Which of these was not found in Geiselman et al's study?

  • Those under standard interveiw gave 29.4 items correct
  • Information gain was 47%
  • Those under cognitive gave 41.5 items correct
  • Those under cognitive confabulated 0.2 more items than standard

4. Which of these people found that anxiety made EWT more accurate?

  • Loftus : Knife and Pen in Lab study
  • Yuille and Cutshall : 13 shooting witnesses
  • Geiselman and Padilla : Children between 7 and 12 less accurate at reporting details from a filmed robery
  • Koriat at al :Children have a lack of schema

5. Which of these is NOT true for Children's EWT?

  • Children's memory store can hold information longer than adults
  • Lack of schema to encode events properly
  • Will pick out a picture in a line up even if the person they were looking for is not there
  • Will say anything to please authority figures


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