Facist italy

Liberal state
weak leadership, lots of parties, lots of PM's TRANSFORMISO-promises to get votes
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PM 5 times..make italy modern and industrialists, foreign expanision to win over nationalists=1911
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intervention crisis
political crisis as of neutrality splitting opinion of liberals
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Military weak, poor leadership, embarrassment-turn against liberal state
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Mulitalted victory
treaty of london signed-promised goods after war, did bad didnt get anything
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D'nan invaded fiume, attacked left wingers showed muss things could be achieved with violence
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print more money to pay national debt, strikes=unemployment
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Fasci di combattimento
ex soilders used to form SA, to get rid of church, left wingers
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PNF recruitment
more respectable members=white collars, support of middle class , not going to raise taxes
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Dual policy
balancing between radicals and revolutionists-
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Pact of pacification
1921-agreement with socialists to end violence, centralising M positions, proved SA wrong that he was a strong leaders wrong by resigning
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March on rome 1922
North facists take control, threats to king mean that he called military and called martial law
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control of the PNF
key fascists, elevating leadership, overcome position, centralising power
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acerbo law
25%+ =2/3rds of seats
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Corporate state
Economic planning, being more productive=more jobs third way between, communism and capitalism
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Foreign policy
1934-successful, wanted to build empire in med i.e. corfu.. wanted to follow hitler 1935-36. 1937 leaves the league of nations to join hitler
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Abyssinia 1935
short term success and long term failure...Britian and france wanted muss on side so they gave him Abyssinia-muss invaded=great success
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Spanish civil war
stop the left wing influence, spread fascism and establish a greater influence...humiliation, unnecessary lost 3,000 men, costed 1.4 billion
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Pact of steel
agreement with germany, where germany drew up terms, tied Italy decisions.
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weak military position, advised to avoid cost, undecided who to side
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why not be neutral
thought Germany would win and siding with them would expand their empire
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End Mussolini
Grandi- convinced fascist grand council to boot him. wanted to replace him and reunite with allies but needed kings support who thought italy would be weak without him
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SALO republic
Muss released from prison and under hitlers control=puppet dictatorship=RSI ran by muss but germany had control,
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PM 5 times..make italy modern and industrialists, foreign expanision to win over nationalists=1911

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intervention crisis


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Mulitalted victory


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