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2. What is required to turn an aldehyde into a carboxylic acid in a primary reaction?

  • Nothing
  • Reflux by heating further
  • Putting it in a sauna
  • Cooling

3. What do secondary alcohols produce?

  • Chocolate smoothie
  • Doesn't undergo any reaction
  • Ketone only
  • Aldehyd, Carboxylic acid and Ketone

4. What is the colour change of acidified dichromate in primary alcohol reaction?

  • Green to Green
  • Black to white
  • Orange to green
  • Red to burgundy

5. What does a primary alcohol look like?

  • An OH bonded to a carbon that has no alkyl groups
  • An aldehyde at the end of the chain
  • An OH bonded to a carbon attached to two alkyl groups
  • An OH attached to carbon 3


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