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1. Why is excess salt bad for cardiovascular health?

  • Blood WP decreases as more water is stored, causing a rise in blood pressure and potential damage to small arteries.
  • Blood WP increases so the blood is able to flow quicker causing damage to the inside linings of arteries
  • Blood WP decreases so blood is less runny causing oxygen starvation in cells as blood cannot flow as well
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2. how do viruses work?

  • They invade cells and take over the genetics, cause the cell to make new copies of the virus which are then released
  • They invade cells and destroy the contents. they then reproduce inside
  • They invade cells and cause it to divide rapidly causing a mutation - the cell then triggers an immune response

3. Energy is required by all organisms. In humans, what percentage should come from carbohydrates?

  • 46%
  • 57%
  • 36%
  • 72%

4. CHD is a disease caused by excess energy intake. What happens to lead to the development of CHD?

  • Excess fats taken in get deposited along coronary artery walls leading to atherosclerosis. Blood flow is restricted and cells are starved of oxygen
  • Excess fats are deposited along coronary arteries and cause a blood to become restricted and so a clot forms blocking the artery
  • Excess fats are deposited along the coronary arteries and cause the artery to become narrower and less elasticated so blood pressure drops causing blood flow to be less effective

5. state the function of a insecticide

  • A chemical that kills insects
  • A chemical that kills fungi
  • a Chemical that kills birds


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