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2. how do viruses work?

  • They invade cells and cause it to divide rapidly causing a mutation - the cell then triggers an immune response
  • They invade cells and take over the genetics, cause the cell to make new copies of the virus which are then released
  • They invade cells and destroy the contents. they then reproduce inside

3. state the function of a insecticide

  • A chemical that kills insects
  • A chemical that kills fungi
  • a Chemical that kills birds

4. Define the term 'disease'.

  • A departure from good health , a malfunction of the body / mind
  • An illness that causes symptoms on the body
  • A micro-organism that affects a host by damaging it

5. Why is excess salt bad for cardiovascular health?

  • Blood WP decreases as more water is stored, causing a rise in blood pressure and potential damage to small arteries.
  • Blood WP increases so the blood is able to flow quicker causing damage to the inside linings of arteries
  • Blood WP decreases so blood is less runny causing oxygen starvation in cells as blood cannot flow as well


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