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2. How is BMI calculated?

  • BMI = mass in Kg / (height in m)2
  • BMI = mass in Kg / (height in m)2 / age
  • BMI = mass in Kg / (height in m - age)2

3. Why is excess salt bad for cardiovascular health?

  • Blood WP decreases as more water is stored, causing a rise in blood pressure and potential damage to small arteries.
  • Blood WP increases so the blood is able to flow quicker causing damage to the inside linings of arteries
  • Blood WP decreases so blood is less runny causing oxygen starvation in cells as blood cannot flow as well

4. What is meant by the term 'balanced diet' ?

  • a diet that contains all the nutrients required for good health - in appropriate portions
  • a diet that contains higher quantities of fruit & veg and proteins and cuts out fats and dairy
  • a diet that is based on carbohydrates to gain energy

5. State the 5 groups of diseases.

  • bacteria, virus , fungus, parasite, pathogen
  • bacteria, virus, enzymes , ticks, mites
  • bacteria, virus fungus, hyphae, protoctists


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