Extreme Environments- Flora & Fauna

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1. Why does the Pancake Prickley Pear cactus have Pads as branches?

  • So more photosynthsis can happen to make up for the lack of water
  • To store water in droughts
  • To store food and water
  • So the plant has an area for birds to land
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2. Where is an Emporar Penguins native habitat?

  • The South Coast of Australia
  • The Antarctic
  • The Galapagos Islands
  • The Artic

3. Meerkats live underground, Why?

  • To hide from predetors and the litter
  • To keep them out of the hot sun and protect them from predators
  • To find more food
  • To hide the babies

4. Why do meerkats have dark patches around their eyes?

  • To look cool
  • To reduce the sun's glare
  • To act as sunglasses
  • To reflect glare fromthe sun and expand their sight

5. When do Hedgehog Cacti respire? Why?

  • After 3pm beacuse it's cooler and evaporation will be reduced
  • At Night, because if they only open their stomata at night and reduce evaporation on the leaves.
  • In the Day, beacuse their is more sunlight
  • Between 3am and 9am beacuse they only open their somata in the morning


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