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2. An Emporar Penguin can maintain the body temperature, Why?

  • Beacuse in the height of winter they need to be able to stabilise the body temperture in order to survive
  • To keep them from falling over by melting the ice
  • To keep their eggs warm
  • To stop snow from sticking to them

3. When do Hedgehog Cacti respire? Why?

  • At Night, because if they only open their stomata at night and reduce evaporation on the leaves.
  • In the Day, beacuse their is more sunlight
  • After 3pm beacuse it's cooler and evaporation will be reduced
  • Between 3am and 9am beacuse they only open their somata in the morning

4. The Hedgehog Cactus has no leaves, why?

  • This means they can pick up more water as they have a higher concentrated space.
  • To make them less noticable to birds
  • This means they loose less water through evaporation in their leaves
  • So it looks like a hedgehog

5. How do waxy leaves enable Conifers to survive?

  • The waxy substance produces food and water through producing photosynthesising cells.
  • So they do not accumulate much snow, to reduce the weight on the plant
  • The waxy substance protects the photosynthsisng cells inside the needles
  • To make them sticky and hard to digest


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