Extreme Environments- Flora & Fauna

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1. How do waxy leaves enable Conifers to survive?

  • The waxy substance protects the photosynthsisng cells inside the needles
  • To make them sticky and hard to digest
  • The waxy substance produces food and water through producing photosynthesising cells.
  • So they do not accumulate much snow, to reduce the weight on the plant
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2. An Emporar Penguin can maintain the body temperature, Why?

  • To keep them from falling over by melting the ice
  • Beacuse in the height of winter they need to be able to stabilise the body temperture in order to survive
  • To stop snow from sticking to them
  • To keep their eggs warm

3. Do Artic Wolves have small or large ears?

  • Small Ears so less heat is lost from their ears but are sensitive to hear prey
  • Big Ears to fan themselves to keep them cool
  • Big Ears to be able to hear prey from a long distance
  • Small Ears beacuse they don't need to listen for predetors they can feel vibrations through the ground

4. Where do Meerkats live?

  • Any Desert or mountain Desert in America
  • The Kalahari Desert in Africa
  • The Atacama
  • The Sahel

5. Where is an Emporar Penguins native habitat?

  • The South Coast of Australia
  • The Antarctic
  • The Galapagos Islands
  • The Artic


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