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2. Disadvantage of using carbon to extract iron, copper and manganese

  • Time consuming
  • Gives metals impurities
  • Produces CO2 which is a greenhouse gas
  • Very expensive

3. What is used to extract titanium?

  • Magnesium or Sodium
  • Chlorine and carbon, fractional distillation then magnesium or sodium
  • Hydrogen then fractional distillation then magnesium
  • Carbon

4. How the melting point of Aluminium Oxide is reduced?

  • Dissolving it in water
  • Dissolving Aluminium oxide in molten cryolite
  • Melting it
  • Reducing it with carbon

5. How is extracted Tungsten from its Ore?

  • Electrolysis
  • Reduction by Hydrogen
  • Reduction by Carbon
  • Reduction of Oxygen


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