Exploring Human Geography 2

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1. Which is not a feature of Clark, Understanding Communities?

  • The small world hypothesis
  • Community
  • The strength of weak ties
  • Weakness of network approach
  • Social ties in a networked society
  • Eco-villages
  • Communities and social networks
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2. What is the main message of Hochschild Feeling Management from Private to Commerical Uses?

  • Corporate logic in the airline industry creates a series of links between competition, market expansion, advertising, heightened passenger expectations about rights to display and company demands for acting. Cabin were your own living room
  • Financial services and the more blue blooded areas of investment banking, had long denied access to all but an exceptional minority of professional women and a legion of female clerical workers.
  • 1) influence the nature of that labour's purpose, its product, its content; they help to establish the uses it makes of various human resources (emotional, manual, and mental) 2) they are crucial in framing the manner in self & labour links

3. What is the main message Lorimer states in Telling small stories: spaces of knowledge and the practice of geography?

  • Violence is pervasive that we take it for granted, from domestic, sexual, mass shootings, terrorism and welfare.
  • Students at Glenmore Lodge Scotland, offered children from urban areas the opportunity to learn field studies and learning experiences were collected from field journals- capture the smells, sounds, sights and feelings or embodied experience
  • Narratives of the lifepath in western culture have been plotted in an explicitly geographical way, through the metaphor and technique of mapping

4. What is Wainwright's main idea in A remarkable disconnect; on violence, military research and the AAG?

  • Violence is pervasive that we take it for granted, from domestic, sexual, mass shootings, terrorism and welfare.
  • Violence is no longer pervasive and plays a less influential role in peoples lives
  • Suggests areas for future military landscape research around virtual military landscapes and considers the landscape effects of military privatization and outsourcing

5. What does Legg (2007) not cover in Reviewing Geographies of Memory?

  • Subaltern memories
  • Memory changes
  • Active forgetting
  • Active remembering
  • Memories of collective
  • Memories of self


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