Exploring Human Geography 2

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1. What is the key message of Shields in Social spatialization and the built environment?

  • The Mall as an institutionalized space of representation and representation of space and the polite docility of practice it demands; and the contrasting erratic, conflicting usages and intentions of its users
  • Retailing can no longer be treated as being only indirectly associated with the 'real' world of production, but rather at the 'leading edge' of new developments within labour practices and the social relations of production
  • Commodification of Reality- advertisers draw upon knowledge of places, and upon the construction of social space to create an imaginary setting
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2. What was the key concept of North's, Scaling Alternative economic practices?

  • In Argentina, the currency was not localised, and the range of goods and services available was so significant that it enabled millions to survive an acute financial crisis.
  • Informal international financial networks that supply credit or gifts directly and democratize development funding, such as the migrant remittances that rival the size of foreign direct investment in developing countries - steady growth
  • The growing number of local and complementary currencies that help people satisfy needs directly and constitute community differently

3. Which is not a feature of Clark, Understanding Communities?

  • The strength of weak ties
  • Community
  • Weakness of network approach
  • Eco-villages
  • Social ties in a networked society
  • Communities and social networks
  • The small world hypothesis

4. Which is not a changing theme of Kearns and Moon in From medical to health geography: novelty, place and theory after a decade of change?

  • Time- over time new diseases develop and time is also used to refer to the spread of diseases
  • Critical health geography: a rapidly changing set of ideas and practices within human geography linked by a shared commitment to emancipatory politics within and beyond the discipline
  • Place- The objective has been to show that ‘places matter’ with regard to health, disease and health care.
  • Theory- The newness of the ‘coming out’ into theoretical awareness by health geographers- the social-theoretic context of health and of health-related subject matter

5. What is Crang's Its Showtime article about?

  • Financial services and the more blue blooded areas of investment banking, had long denied access to all but an exceptional minority of professional women and a legion of female clerical workers.
  • 1) influence the nature of that labour's purpose, its product, its content; they help to establish the uses it makes of various human resources (emotional, manual, and mental) 2) they are crucial in framing the manner in self & labour links
  • Corporate logic in the airline industry creates a series of links between competition, market expansion, advertising, heightened passenger expectations about rights to display and company demands for acting. Cabin were your own living room


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