Exploring Human Geography

Human Geography Jan exam:

  • Rural
  • Agri food
  • Development
  • Cultural and historical
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1. Who stated afforestation in the Lake District?

  • Beaumont
  • Symonds
  • Spence
  • Stapledon and Davis
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2. Which is not a driver of agri industrialisation?

  • Social change
  • Cultural factors
  • Economic factors
  • Government policy

3. Who wrote about the fictional Mrs Lucas whose husband had gained a fortune at the bar which allowed a move to the country?

  • Spencer
  • E F Benson
  • Stapledon and Davis
  • Jeremiah

4. Who said the reversal of intra familial wealth flow is key factor behind fertility reduction?

  • Worsley
  • Mamdani
  • Caldwell
  • Miller

5. Who travelled to India to study health of women?

  • Meliscent Shephard
  • Elizabeth Bernard
  • Sir George Beaument


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