Exploring Human Geography

Human Geography Jan exam:

  • Rural
  • Agri food
  • Development
  • Cultural and historical
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1. Who wrote Guides on the National Forest Park Guides?

  • Lees Mine
  • Her Majesty Stationary Office
  • Scott Report
  • Dennison Report
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2. Who commented on the conversion of barns into luxury houses?

  • Kaye Smith
  • Stapledon and Davis
  • Lees Mine
  • Hoskin

3. Where was the farm survey carried out?

  • Scotland
  • Ireland
  • Caergywnydd Fawr, Swansea
  • Suffolk

4. Who wrote about the fictional Mrs Lucas whose husband had gained a fortune at the bar which allowed a move to the country?

  • Stapledon and Davis
  • E F Benson
  • Jeremiah
  • Spencer

5. Where is the case study of the AES?

  • Ashbourne House
  • Islington Estata
  • Low Crag Farm
  • Cardwydll Farm


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