Exploring culture and socialisation

Key words and definitions

1. Situation where conforming to one set of norms conflicts with another. For example, a friend asks you a question in a lesson - if you respond you are disobeying the norms of the classroom; if you don't you are disobeying the norms of friendship.

  • Status symbol
  • Deviance
  • Role conflict
  • Status panic
  • Socialisation
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2. Breaking norms and values.

  • Social control
  • Conformity
  • Deviance
  • Role conflict
  • Sanctions

3. Status that is fixed - eg gender, son, daughter.

  • Ascribed status
  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Achieved status
  • Gender

4. The customs and norms of the elite groups in society. In Britain this may include opera and ballet.

  • Global culture
  • High culture
  • Popular culture
  • Consumer culture
  • Subculture

5. The learning of key basic values and norms that takes place in the early part of a child's life - this would include language for example.

  • Primary socialisation
  • Peer group
  • Secondary socialisation
  • Social control
  • Family


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