Exploring culture and socialisation

Key words and definitions

1. The social institutions that influence us - the family, media, education, peer group, religion and work.

  • Agents of socialisation
  • Social structure
  • Agents of social control
  • Estate agents
  • Secret agents
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2. The customs, norms and values shared across national boundaries. This is result of globalisation and is often thought to be dominated by American culture.

  • Culture
  • Popular culture
  • Consumer culture
  • Global culture
  • Subculture

3. The way of life of a social group including its norms, customs and meanings.

  • Subculture
  • Culture
  • Consumer culture
  • Popular culture
  • High culture

4. Status that is earned or chosen eg being an A level student.

  • Norm
  • Role
  • Achieved status
  • Status
  • Ascribed status

5. Situation where people's behaviour is directed as a part of the socialisation process eg by parents.

  • Informal social control
  • Primary socialisation
  • Formal social control
  • Secondary socialisation


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