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Cyanogensis definition
Ability of plants to synthesise cyanogenic glycosides which liberate HCN
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Whats HCN
Hydrogen Cyanide
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Latin name of plant which is cyanogenetic?
Trifolium repens
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What does gene Ac control?
Production of substrate linamarin (or Cyanogenic glycosides)
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What does gene Li control?
Production on enzyme linamarse ( hydrolyses substrate)
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How does production of HCN work?
Hydrolysis is strictly controlled by compartmentation of glycosidase enzyme (in cell walls) and its substrate within plant cell, when damage to cell, enzyme and substrate come together
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When is HCN in its highest concentrations?
In Seedlings
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How many species contain cyanogens?
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How does HCN work?
Inhibits cytochrome binding, so cells can't utilize oxygen
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Explain the temperature link?
In cold, herbivores are hibernating and frost damage can cause the release, so selected against
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How to detect cyanogenesis?
Leaf+Water+ Toluene + Crush + Picric Acid paper dipped in NaxCO3 and incubate
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Chi squared formula
(0-E) squared/E
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Cyanogenesis in Lotus? (lotus corniculatus)
Yes in all wild one tested, none in cultivated
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Cyanogenesis in Clover?
Mostly no indoor population, Yes in Outdoors
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Comment on 2 trends in anti microbial effects of herbs/spices
Chilli, Mahonia, Horseradish had no effect, Eucalyptus and clove strong effect
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Herb/Spice effect of gram -ve bacteria?
Gram -ve bacteria are more resistant to effects, meaning gram +ve more susceptible
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Defining co-evolutionary theory
A biological objects change triggered by a change in related object (Speices)
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Describe Genes Ac and Li?
Unlinked and both need to be dominant
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Name 3 famous toxins?
Ricin, Hemlock and digitlas
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How do sheep defend from cyanide?
The enzyme Rhodanase detoxifies
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Whats HCN


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Latin name of plant which is cyanogenetic?


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What does gene Ac control?


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What does gene Li control?


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