Explanations for the success and failure of dieting

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1. Why does moderate rather than low fat content have a better success rate?

  • Because it's more natural
  • Because low fat is more chemical therefore creates weight else where in the body
  • Because it's not as big a change for the body
  • It's better for you
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2. Why do people who have problems maintaining concentration struggle with diets?

  • Old habits are more easily recovered in people who have little focus
  • Because they lose focus on targets and behavioural strategies that they should be undertaking
  • Lose motivation in dieting in general
  • Forget why they are on the diet in the first place

3. What role do hormones, particularly ghrelin, play in the failure of dieting?

  • When you are hormonal, you will want to eat more regardless of dieting restrictions
  • Stimulates appetite, making hungry people feel hungrier
  • Makes you think you are hungry when you have just eaten
  • They are just there bloody deal with it

4. Diets will work best if they teach pps new eating and lifestyle habits. Why?

  • It's a placebo effect to help you lose and keep off the weight
  • Changes the cognitive belief to say that you can do it
  • New habit and lifestyle, seen as a long term and permanent change to keep weight off in changing mindset and eating behaviour together
  • It shows that you can't go back and forces you to focus to change rather than the diet itself

5. What percentage of Americans did Bartlett report that can be classed as overweight or obese?

  • 85%
  • 65%
  • 35%
  • 40%


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