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2. What is a weakness of these studies?

  • Most are Eurocentric and gender biased to mainly women
  • Reductionist and doesn't support psychology being a science
  • Ethnocentric and androcentric
  • Low ecological validity

3. Diets will work best if they teach pps new eating and lifestyle habits. Why?

  • It's a placebo effect to help you lose and keep off the weight
  • Changes the cognitive belief to say that you can do it
  • New habit and lifestyle, seen as a long term and permanent change to keep weight off in changing mindset and eating behaviour together
  • It shows that you can't go back and forces you to focus to change rather than the diet itself

4. The World Health Organisation found that how much of the UK was overweight and obese?

  • 6% overweight and 76% obese
  • 61.5% overweight and 24.9% obese
  • 56% overweight and 3.6% obese
  • 42.6% overweight and 4.5% obese

5. What is the theory that suggests that our body has a particular range (about 10%) if weight it is comfortable in and therefore make it harder to lose and keep off a certain weight?

  • Dual model centre of feeding
  • Set point theory
  • Biological theory
  • High metabolism theory


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