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2. The World Health Organisation found that how much of the UK was overweight and obese?

  • 42.6% overweight and 4.5% obese
  • 61.5% overweight and 24.9% obese
  • 6% overweight and 76% obese
  • 56% overweight and 3.6% obese

3. Mann did a meta-analysis of 14 studies that followed pps over 4 years after a diet, what did he find?

  • After a while, the weight gradually came back to the original weight
  • That some kept off the weight and some didn't
  • On the long term, pps had gained all back but 3kg of their original weight before the diet
  • That the pps had kept off all the weight because of the change in mindset

4. What does BMI stand for?

  • Body most index
  • Body mass index
  • Belly meets indigestion
  • Body massive interaction

5. What role do hormones, particularly ghrelin, play in the failure of dieting?

  • Stimulates appetite, making hungry people feel hungrier
  • They are just there bloody deal with it
  • Makes you think you are hungry when you have just eaten
  • When you are hormonal, you will want to eat more regardless of dieting restrictions


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