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2. Why do people who have problems maintaining concentration struggle with diets?

  • Lose motivation in dieting in general
  • Because they lose focus on targets and behavioural strategies that they should be undertaking
  • Forget why they are on the diet in the first place
  • Old habits are more easily recovered in people who have little focus

3. What does BMI stand for?

  • Body most index
  • Body massive interaction
  • Body mass index
  • Belly meets indigestion

4. What is a weakness of these studies?

  • Low ecological validity
  • Most are Eurocentric and gender biased to mainly women
  • Ethnocentric and androcentric
  • Reductionist and doesn't support psychology being a science

5. What BMI is classed as obese?

  • Over 50kg
  • Over 30kg
  • Over 20kg
  • Over 25kg


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