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1. give an example of physiological evidence to support OCD being biological?

  • PET scan showed that people with OCD have an increased metabolism of glucose in the OFC loop of the brain
  • a decrease in glucose metablolism in the brain when experiencing ocd
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2. what did freuds theory suggest about ocd

  • that it is learnt from a young age when a fixation occurs
  • that it is learnt during childhood as a result of too much emphasis on cleaning

3. name 3 behaviours that result as evolutionary adaptations

  • brushing, dancing, stuttering
  • grooming, concern for others, hoarding
  • cleaning, tidying, hoarding

4. what did meta analysis of 14 twin studies find

  • 10 times as likely to develop ocd if twin has it
  • monozygotic twins were twice as likely to have ocd if their twin has it
  • that there was no correlation

5. what two factors explain the behaioural approach

  • conditioning to create obsessions, reinforcement of compulsions to reduce anxiety
  • obsessions are formed through genetics, compulsions formed from environmental factors


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