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1. what concordance rates were found between twins with OCD?

  • 40% concordance rates
  • 87% concordance between MZ twins only 13% environmental
  • 96% DZ twins with only 4% environmental
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2. what did freuds theory suggest about ocd

  • that it is learnt from a young age when a fixation occurs
  • that it is learnt during childhood as a result of too much emphasis on cleaning

3. which researcher was the psychodynamic approach based upon?

  • Freud
  • bandura
  • johnson

4. The high amounts of the COMT gene is linked to a decrease in OCD,why?

  • increases dopamine
  • because it terminates the action of dopamine which can cause the obsession through overactivity
  • decreases serotonin

5. Abnormal levels of neurotransmitters can cause an increase in the likelihood of having ocd, state the two main neurotransmitters invloved?

  • serotinin and dopamine
  • cortisol and dopamine
  • testosterone and serotonin


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