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what are the two explanation for OCD
genetic and neural
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in what way are genes involved in OCD
create individual vulnerabiltity
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who ivestiated the impact of genetics
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how many of his patients had OCD
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how many had siblings with OCD
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what does this suggest about OCD
genes have a vulnerability, not a certainty in the likelihood of someone getting OCD
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what model does this support
diathesis stress model
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what is the diathesis stress model
suggests disorders are a result of genetic vulnerability ad environmental stress
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what are candidate genes
genes responsible for a condition
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candidtae genes in terms of OCD
genes which create a vulnerability to OCD
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what are some candidtae genes involved in
the regulation of serotonin
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example gene?
5HT1-D Beta is repsonsible in the transportation of serotonin across synapses
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what does it mean if OCD is polygentic
caused by several genes
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what did Taylor investigate
the different genes involved in OCD
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what did Taylor find
there is evidence up to 230 genes may be involved in OCD
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What are the most common genes associated with OCD
Dopamine and Serotonin
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what are dopamine and serotonn
neurotransmitters involved in regulating mood
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what is the technical name for OCD being caused by different genes
aetiologically heterogenous
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what does aetiologically heterogenous mean for sufferers of OCD
that the genes that cause one persons OCD may be different to another persons OCD
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what do twin studies compare (2)
compare twins separated at birth to those that grew up together and MZ and DZ twins
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how would you know if OCD was genetic
if twins that grow up in different environments have the same likelyhood of OCD thaan those who grew up together
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how do you know if OCD has a genetic basis when investigating MZ and DZ twins
if identical are more liely to get OCD than non identical
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what do concordance rates tell you
if something is genetic
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when should the concordance rate be low
if something is genetic in non identical twins
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what does it mean if there are high concordance rates in DZ twins
environmental influence
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what does a concordance rate high in MZ and low in DZ twins mean
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what is the neural explanation for OCD
genes associated with OCD are liklely to affect neurotransmitter levels and brain structures
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what is the role of serotonin
mood regulator
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what happens if serotonin levels are low
normal transmission of mood relevant info doesn't take place, affecting mood
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what is comorbiditiy
having 2 disorders at the same time
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what does low serotonin suggest about OCD
OCD can be caused by the reduction in the functioning of OCD
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What is another neural explanation for OCD
impaired decision making systems
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example of OCD caused by impaired decision making
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what is impaired decision making associated with
abnormal functioning of the lateral of the frontal lobes
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what are the frontal lobe responsible for
logical thinking and decision making
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what else could function abnormally
the left parahippocampalgyrus
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what is the left parahippocampalgyrus responsible for
processing unpleasant emotions
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in what way are genes involved in OCD


create individual vulnerabiltity

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who ivestiated the impact of genetics


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how many of his patients had OCD


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how many had siblings with OCD


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