Explaining differences in offendingleft R + Neo Marx

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1. Neomarxists believe in a social construction in crime

  • for example ethinic minorities more criminal than the majority of the population
  • not a social construct
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2. who argues that police often unjustly crimilaise ethnic groups sometimes

  • Lea + Young (Left Realists)
  • Gilroy

3. Lea and Young Critique Gilroy - first immigrants were very law abdiding

  • unlikley to pass down anti colonial struggles
  • likely to pass down anti colonial struggles

4. Hall argued in the 1970's there was finacial crisis

  • so mugging crime was used as a scapegoat
  • so mugging was used to turn a blinde eye

5. Hall argues that moral panic caused

  • clacks old lifestyle of crime
  • blacks new lifestyle of crime
  • asians new lifestyle of crime


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