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1. Which of the following is not one of Sartori's conditions for presidential government?

  • must be separate from the legislature
  • cannot be discharged between elections
  • president must select the Cabinet and Exec
  • must be directly elected
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2. Who says that whilst presidential popularity is obviously an asset, it has no effect on their ability to put pressure on Congress?

  • Edwards
  • Neustadt

3. What is the relationship between veto players and passage of legislation, according to Tsebelis?

  • the more veto players, the less legislation passes
  • the fewer the veto players, the less legislation passes

4. Who says that the problem with presidential systems in South-American countries is that they have a strong military legacy?

  • Cheibub
  • Linz

5. What is the defining feature of a parliamentary system rather than a presidential system?

  • the executive can be removed by the legislature between elections
  • the executive is indirectly elected


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