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2. Who said 'to suppose that an American party winning Congress and the presidency thereby wins the leeway of a British governing party is to be deluded by the election returns'?

  • Mayhew
  • McKay

3. Nice quote about president being the centre of political consciousness

  • 'the focus of the anxious crowd of the age'
  • 'cornerstone of public concern'

4. What did Kennedy say about the power of the presidency?

  • 'the president is rightly described as a man with extraordinary power. Yet it is also true that he must wield those powers under extraordinary limitations'
  • 'public expectations of the office remain just as high as the ability of presidents to meet these expectations has diminished'

5. When framing the US constitution, who said 'enlightened statesmen will not always be at the helm'?

  • Madision
  • Hamilton


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