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1. What did Kennedy say about the power of the presidency?

  • 'the president is rightly described as a man with extraordinary power. Yet it is also true that he must wield those powers under extraordinary limitations'
  • 'public expectations of the office remain just as high as the ability of presidents to meet these expectations has diminished'
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2. What are Barber's two dimensions of presidents?

  • active-passive and positive-negative
  • republican-democrat and liberal-conservative

3. According to Peele, which of the following is not a way in which FDR transformed the presidency?

  • added media appeal
  • made it the centre of political consciousness
  • strengthened the legislative and agenda-setting role
  • expansion of staff
  • strong conception of presidential power (first 100 days)

4. Who says that the problem with presidential systems in South-American countries is that they have a strong military legacy?

  • Cheibub
  • Linz

5. Why are parliamentary systems more fluid?

  • issues can be internalised
  • the executive has more power


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