Evolutionary Explanations of Aggression including Infidelity and Jealousy

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1. Who suggested that when men lack resources they use violence as a way of preventing infidelity?

  • Daly and Wilson
  • Felson
  • Schackelefield
  • Buss (2007)
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2. Which study suggested that sexual jealousy was the main motivator in domestic killings?

  • Daly et al.
  • Dobash and Dobash
  • Buss
  • Daly and Wilson

3. What did Felson find?

  • 55% of battered wives reported jealousy based on suspicion and fear as the main reason for their partner's violence
  • Out of 2060 murders, women were twice as likely to murder out of jealousy than men
  • Sexual jealousy was the main motivator in domestic killings

4. Why are men violent towards pregnant partners?

  • They may believe that infidelity in their partner as occurred and as they don't have parental certainty that the child is their's they are violent towards them to terminate the child and leaving the woman open to bare his child preventing cuckcoldry
  • They are genetically programmed to be aggressive

5. In which culture can aggression ruin a reputation?

  • Kingsan of the Kalahari Desert
  • Yannomamo of South America
  • Western cultures


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