Evolutionary Explanations of Aggression including Infidelity and Jealousy

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1. Which study suggested that sexual jealousy was the main motivator in domestic killings?

  • Daly and Wilson
  • Dobash and Dobash
  • Daly et al.
  • Buss
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2. Alternative theory

  • Diathesis Stress Model
  • Importation model
  • Deprivation model

3. Which study found that sexual violence was strongly linked with perceived risk of infidelity?

  • Camilleri
  • Dobash and Dobash
  • Miller

4. What did Felson find?

  • Out of 2060 murders, women were twice as likely to murder out of jealousy than men
  • Sexual jealousy was the main motivator in domestic killings
  • 55% of battered wives reported jealousy based on suspicion and fear as the main reason for their partner's violence

5. Which study stated that men have evolved to prevent adultery as to prevent cuckcoldry (raising another man's child) so they don't waste their resources?

  • Daly and Wilson
  • Buss
  • Dobash and Dobash
  • Nelson


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