Evolutionary Explanation to Aggression

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1. Camilleri (2004) said that: Sexual assault of a female by her male partner was directly linked with ____________________________?

  • The percieved risk of her infidelity
  • The idea of her not being able to have any children
  • Had lack of cooking skills
  • Lack of skills, motivation or maintenance difficulties
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2. What were the main points from Shakelford et al (2005)'s study?

  • Men were found to use no form of violence
  • Men used emotional manipulation, inter-sexual negative inducements and direct guarding
  • Men only used physical violence

3. What did Dobash & Dobash (1984) find?

  • Main cause of violence was women who were no longer attentive to husbands
  • Battered women's partners cited extreme jealousy as key cause of violence
  • No correlation between sexual jealousy and violence

4. How does Camilleri (2004)'s findings support sexual coercion's link with aggression?

  • Men are just violent anyway
  • Found that sexual coercion amongst males, not females, as females are not at risk of cuckoldry
  • females do not care

5. How does Buss & Schakelford's (1977) study support the evolutionary claim that mate retention strategies are only used when an adaptive problem is faced?

  • No men know whether their wife is unfaithful or not, they use mate retention strategies to prevent it
  • Men who thought their wives were unfailthful inflicted greated punishment in comparison to those who did not anticipate infidelity
  • Men who thought that their wives were unfaithful did not impose any more violence than those who did not think that their wife was unfaithful


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