Evolutionary Explanation to Aggression

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1. What is cuckoldry?

  • Reproductive cost inflicted on a man if he was to parent a child from another man
  • The term used to describe men who cheat
  • The term used when a child is born out of wedlock
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2. What did Burch & Gallup (2004) find in regards to violence towards pregnant partners?

  • Violence towards pregnant females completely subsidized until after child birth
  • violence toward pregnant partners doubles in comparison to those who were not pregnant
  • Females inflicted more violenc eonto men when they were pregnant
  • violence towards pregnant partners decreased in comparison to those who were not pregnant

3. What did Buss (1988) find was the primary cause of violence of against women?

  • The thought of sexual infidelity
  • Thought of not cooking very well
  • When women argue back
  • Not being attentive to husband

4. How does Camilleri (2004)'s findings support sexual coercion's link with aggression?

  • Men are just violent anyway
  • Found that sexual coercion amongst males, not females, as females are not at risk of cuckoldry
  • females do not care

5. What is an limitation of this theory suggested by Buss & Shakelford (1997)?

  • Men act difffently - some men may used mate-renention, sexual coercion, uroxcide and some may become alcholics
  • It is just false
  • Doesn't explain why women live longer than men
  • It isn't broad enough


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