Evolutionary Explanation to Aggression

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1. What two strategies did Buss (1988) suggest men have evolved to prevent cuckoldry?

  • Uroxicide and Cheating
  • Direct guarding and Negative Inducments
  • Becoming more attentive & caring
  • Crying and positive reinforcments
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2. How does Shakelford et al (2008) suggest that uroxicide benefits men?

  • Because then the female is fragile and would not want to find another partner
  • Not all men possess resources. By using this method, they scare them into obedience
  • It doesn't - they get caught and their genes get wasted
  • The women would be too weak to look for another partner

3. What IDA point is best suited for this theory?

  • Gender Bias
  • Nature vs. Nurture

4. Why does Daly & Wilson (1988) propose that sexual jealousy is adaptive?

  • Prevents parental uncertainty and therefore preventing males from becoming cuckolds
  • Keep women in love with 1 man
  • It isn't adaptive

5. What did Dobash & Dobash (1984) find?

  • Main cause of violence was women who were no longer attentive to husbands
  • Battered women's partners cited extreme jealousy as key cause of violence
  • No correlation between sexual jealousy and violence


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