Evolution and Natural Selection

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1. What is a common ancestor?

  • an ancient relative that is common
  • a dinosaur
  • An organism or species that is a shared ancestor (in evolutionary terms) of 2 or more later organisms/species
  • An organism that shares its ancestors
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2. Who came up with natural selection?

  • Charles Darwin
  • Lamark
  • Alfred Russell Wallace
  • Herbert Spencer

3. What is one reason people did no generally accept Darwin's theory at first

  • They didn't understand it
  • There was little evidence
  • They didn't like him
  • They thought it was a conspiracy theory (like are 51 or Paul McCartney)

4. What is evolution?

  • When characteristics of a species change over time
  • When new species are formed
  • survival of the fittest
  • noitulove backwards

5. What evidence is there that there was life on Earth millions of years ago?

  • cave drawings
  • the fact that there is life on Earth now
  • fossils
  • time machines


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