Evolution and genetic diversity

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1. What is index of diversity?

  • The species that live in an area
  • Describes the relationship between number of species in COMMUNITY AND NUMBER OF INDIVIDULAS OF EACH SPECIES
  • How diverse the place is
  • number of different species in ratio to number of populations
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2. What is a species?

  • Organisms which have the same niche
  • Organisms that are same species that can breed to produce fertile offspring
  • Organisms that can breed to produce infertile offspring
  • Different word for organisms

3. What is a population?

  • All of the populations of all the species in a habitat
  • All the organisms of one species in a habitat
  • Bunch of people living in a certain area
  • Dumb question

4. What is Phylogenetic classification?

  • The domain of an organism
  • Arranging species into groups based on their evolutionary origin
  • The alleles an organism has that are similar to its ancestors
  • organisms of the same species that are able to breed to produce fertile offspring

5. what is hierarchy?

  • Separate groups of an ape family
  • The class an organism belongs to
  • Small groups within bigger groups with no overlap between groups
  • Dont need to know


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