Evolution and genetic diversity

1. How does courship behaviour work?

  • Recognise the opposite sex only
  • Allow species to recognise each other, stimulate the release of gametes, recognise the opposite sex, indicate sexual maturity
  • Recognise the same species, stimulate release of gametes, kill predators, indicate sexual maturity
  • Indicate sexual maturity
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2. What does courtship behaviour do?

  • allow organism to identify each other only
  • Prevent predators from attacking
  • Increase chance of successful mating
  • Allow species to breed

3. What is evolution?

  • Changes to an organisms body
  • Change in allele frequence overtime
  • Change is gene frequency
  • Production of fertile offspring

4. What is species richness?

  • Describes the relationship between number of species in a community and the number of individuals of each species
  • All the organisms of one species in a habitat
  • The number of different species in an area
  • the variety of species in an area

5. how do you name an organism?

  • Pick a first name and second name
  • First write it's genus, then its species. First letter capital in genus. Underline
  • Just pick a name like Mandeep, John or Abdul or Ip Man
  • Stupid question


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