Events of Book 24 - The Iliad

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1. Who are the first people to mourn for Hector when his body returns to Ilium?

  • Paris and the Trojan soldiers.
  • Helen, Andromache and the women.
  • Calypso, Iris and Chryseis.
  • The city elders and Hecabe.
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2. How does Achilles treat Hector's body at the beginning of book 24?

  • He leaves it to rest on top of Patroclus' funeral pyre.
  • He lets the vultures feed on it every day.
  • He drags it around Patroclus' tomb every day.
  • He allows the Myrmidons to stab it every night.

3. Who helps Priam enter the Achaean camp?

  • Iris dressed as Ajax's brother.
  • Apollo dressed as a Myrmidon soldier.
  • Hermes dressed as an Achaean soldier.
  • Athene dressed as Nestor.

4. What is Priam doing when Hermes arrives to tell him to return to Ilium?

  • Sleeping in the Achaean camp.
  • Speaking with Achilles.
  • Sleeping in his chariot.
  • Stealing Patroclus' body from the ground.

5. What does Achilles do whilst the Trojan's prepare Hector's funeral pyre?

  • He temporarily returns to Greece, taking the Achaean army with him.
  • He sends the Achaean soldiers to Troy to mourn with the Trojans.
  • He gives them reprieve from battle.
  • He only lets the Myrmidons go to battle.


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