Events of Book 24 - The Iliad

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1. What does Priam bring to Achilles with the hope of exchanging it for Hector's body?

  • A wagon and four Trojan women.
  • A chariot full of treasure.
  • Patroclus' shield.
  • Helen's maid and some wine.
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2. What happens to reassure Hecabe when she is worried that Achilles will kill Priam?

  • Ares fills her with a sense of confidence.
  • Apollo sends a cobra as a sign of fortune.
  • Zeus sends an eagle as a good omen.
  • Apollo sends Iris to tell her of Priam's safety.

3. What do the Trojans do when Hector's body returns to Ilium?

  • They spend seven days sacrificing cattle to Apollo.
  • They spend nine days preparing the funeral pyre.
  • They spend twelve days in silent mourning.
  • They spend two days participating in the funeral games.

4. Who persuades Zeus that Hector's body needs to be released from Achilles' hold?

  • Apollo
  • Hephaestus
  • Athene
  • Priam

5. Who are the first people to mourn for Hector when his body returns to Ilium?

  • Calypso, Iris and Chryseis.
  • Helen, Andromache and the women.
  • The city elders and Hecabe.
  • Paris and the Trojan soldiers.


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