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2. As Hector is dying, what does he beg Achilles to do?

  • Return his body to the Trojans for burial in Troy.
  • Take his son back to Argos and care for him as a father would.
  • Retrieve Helen from his brother Paris and return her to Menelaus.
  • Marry Andromache to Paris in order to care for his son.

3. Which of the Trojans watches Hector's death and are the first to mourn for him?

  • His uncle and sister, Trygaeus and Blancheas.
  • His parents, Priam and Hecabe.
  • His brother, Paris.
  • His wife, Andromache.

4. How do the Gods betray Hector and lead him to his death?

  • Hera fills him with an inflated sense of confidence, leading him to believe that he can attack Achilles.
  • Athene disguises herself as a Trojan ally and convinces Hector they can attack Achilles.
  • Apollo disguises himself as Hecabe and calls him into the open plain of the battle field.
  • Zeus sends down a burning arrow to weaken him, helping Achilles catch up with him to kill him.

5. When Achilles first finds Hector, what has he been doing?

  • Preparing Patroclus' body for burial in Argos.
  • Speaking to the Achaean soothsayer in Argos.
  • Chasing Apollo who was disguised as Agenor.
  • Confronting Priam on the city walls of Ilium.


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