Events of Book 22 - The Iliad

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1. How does Andromache find out about Hector's death?

  • Aphrodite delivers a dream to her in which the event is set out as it happened.
  • She hears the soothsayer announcing it in the city marketplace.
  • She hears Priam and Hecabe weeping at the city walls.
  • Iris appears before her and tells her of Hector's fate.
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2. When Zeus considers saving Hector from death, how does he decide his fate?

  • He consults Thetis and Apollo as they support different sides of the war.
  • He uses a pair of golden scales to weigh up Hector and Achilles' fate.
  • He calls a meeting between all the Gods to contribute to the debate.
  • He uses a golden coin and tosses it to choose the victim of death.

3. Which of the Trojans watches Hector's death and are the first to mourn for him?

  • His uncle and sister, Trygaeus and Blancheas.
  • His parents, Priam and Hecabe.
  • His brother, Paris.
  • His wife, Andromache.

4. How does Achilles know where exactly to stab Hector in order to kill him?

  • Nestor had spoken to a soothsayer who asked to pass on an a good omen to Achilles, concerning the point of attack.
  • Hector is wearing armour made by Hephaestus, and Thetis had told him where to aim to kill him.
  • Hector is wearing Achilles' armour that he stole from Patroclus body so Achilles knows its weak points.
  • Iris had told Achilles where to aim his weapon before he had left the Achaean camp.

5. What does Achilles do to Hectors body immediately after killing him?

  • Burn it along with the sacred artefacts of the Trojan Gods.
  • Cleans it and throws it over the walls of Ilium for the Trojans to bury.
  • Let the Achaeans stab it then drag it through the dirt.
  • Let the vultures feast on it before burning it in the battlefield.


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