Events of Book 22 - The Iliad

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1. As Hector is dying, what does he beg Achilles to do?

  • Marry Andromache to Paris in order to care for his son.
  • Take his son back to Argos and care for him as a father would.
  • Return his body to the Trojans for burial in Troy.
  • Retrieve Helen from his brother Paris and return her to Menelaus.
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2. How do the Gods betray Hector and lead him to his death?

  • Athene disguises herself as a Trojan ally and convinces Hector they can attack Achilles.
  • Zeus sends down a burning arrow to weaken him, helping Achilles catch up with him to kill him.
  • Apollo disguises himself as Hecabe and calls him into the open plain of the battle field.
  • Hera fills him with an inflated sense of confidence, leading him to believe that he can attack Achilles.

3. Which of the Trojans watches Hector's death and are the first to mourn for him?

  • His brother, Paris.
  • His uncle and sister, Trygaeus and Blancheas.
  • His parents, Priam and Hecabe.
  • His wife, Andromache.

4. How does Achilles know where exactly to stab Hector in order to kill him?

  • Iris had told Achilles where to aim his weapon before he had left the Achaean camp.
  • Nestor had spoken to a soothsayer who asked to pass on an a good omen to Achilles, concerning the point of attack.
  • Hector is wearing Achilles' armour that he stole from Patroclus body so Achilles knows its weak points.
  • Hector is wearing armour made by Hephaestus, and Thetis had told him where to aim to kill him.

5. How many times does Achilles chase Hector around the city walls?

  • 3
  • 9
  • 2
  • 5


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