Events of Book 22 - The Iliad

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1. When Achilles first finds Hector, what has he been doing?

  • Speaking to the Achaean soothsayer in Argos.
  • Confronting Priam on the city walls of Ilium.
  • Chasing Apollo who was disguised as Agenor.
  • Preparing Patroclus' body for burial in Argos.
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2. How do the Gods betray Hector and lead him to his death?

  • Hera fills him with an inflated sense of confidence, leading him to believe that he can attack Achilles.
  • Zeus sends down a burning arrow to weaken him, helping Achilles catch up with him to kill him.
  • Athene disguises herself as a Trojan ally and convinces Hector they can attack Achilles.
  • Apollo disguises himself as Hecabe and calls him into the open plain of the battle field.

3. Why doesn't Hector follow the Trojans into the city walls at the beginning of book 22?

  • Aphrodite had rescued him from battle and placed him there for safety.
  • He wants to face his destiny and therefore to comfort Achilles.
  • He is too ashamed having ordered them to stay outside the walls.
  • Athene has tricked him into thinking that it is a safe position from Achilles.

4. How does Andromache find out about Hector's death?

  • She hears Priam and Hecabe weeping at the city walls.
  • She hears the soothsayer announcing it in the city marketplace.
  • Iris appears before her and tells her of Hector's fate.
  • Aphrodite delivers a dream to her in which the event is set out as it happened.

5. When Zeus considers saving Hector from death, how does he decide his fate?

  • He uses a golden coin and tosses it to choose the victim of death.
  • He uses a pair of golden scales to weigh up Hector and Achilles' fate.
  • He consults Thetis and Apollo as they support different sides of the war.
  • He calls a meeting between all the Gods to contribute to the debate.


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