Events of Book 22 - The Iliad

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1. What does Achilles do to Hectors body immediately after killing him?

  • Let the Achaeans stab it then drag it through the dirt.
  • Cleans it and throws it over the walls of Ilium for the Trojans to bury.
  • Let the vultures feast on it before burning it in the battlefield.
  • Burn it along with the sacred artefacts of the Trojan Gods.
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2. How does Achilles know where exactly to stab Hector in order to kill him?

  • Nestor had spoken to a soothsayer who asked to pass on an a good omen to Achilles, concerning the point of attack.
  • Hector is wearing Achilles' armour that he stole from Patroclus body so Achilles knows its weak points.
  • Iris had told Achilles where to aim his weapon before he had left the Achaean camp.
  • Hector is wearing armour made by Hephaestus, and Thetis had told him where to aim to kill him.

3. Which of the Trojans watches Hector's death and are the first to mourn for him?

  • His brother, Paris.
  • His parents, Priam and Hecabe.
  • His wife, Andromache.
  • His uncle and sister, Trygaeus and Blancheas.

4. When Achilles first finds Hector, what has he been doing?

  • Chasing Apollo who was disguised as Agenor.
  • Speaking to the Achaean soothsayer in Argos.
  • Confronting Priam on the city walls of Ilium.
  • Preparing Patroclus' body for burial in Argos.

5. How many times does Achilles chase Hector around the city walls?

  • 2
  • 3
  • 9
  • 5


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