Events of Book 19 - The Iliad

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1. Why does Zeus decide to send Athene to Achilles in this book?

  • He is moved by Achilles' refusal to eat.
  • He wants her to convince him not to go to battle.
  • He wants her to give him a message from Thetis.
  • He wants her to give him a protective breastplate.
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2. What does Achilles accept from Agamemnon in this book?

  • His chariot, his daughter and his hut.
  • All the gifts previously offered as well as Briseis.
  • His position as leader of the Achaean army.
  • His promise to kill Hector.

3. What doesn't Achilles want to be reminded of when he goes off to battle?

  • The fact that he knew Patroclus died.
  • The fact that his mother was an immortal but he was not.
  • The fact that he is destined to die like Patroclus.
  • The fact that Briseis doesn't love him like she loved Agamemnon.

4. Who does Achilles reconcile with in this book?

  • Menelaus
  • Agamemnon
  • Hector
  • Diomedes

5. What does Thetis promise to do at the start of book 19?

  • Ask Zeus to resurrect Patroclus whilst Achilles is in battle.
  • Convince Aphrodite to return Helen whilst Achilles is in battle.
  • Prevent Patroclus' body from rotting whilst Achilles is in battle.
  • Protect the Achaean camp whilst Achilles is in battle.


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