The Norman Conquest - Events of 1066 (inc. Battle of Hastings) Tests & Quizzes


Tests & Quizzes - Part 2...

...On the events of 1066 (including the Battle of Hastings) as part of revision for the OCR AS level History paper on the Norman Conquest.

This resource contains 50 different questions on the period in question and can be used as Flashcards, a quiz, a crossword & a wordsearch. You should (hopefully) get different questions each time you do a quiz. 

More AS/A-Level History quizzes coming soon!

1. The city that surrenders on 24th September

  • Newcastle
  • York
  • Durham
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2. The exact place where Tostig & Hardrada land in September

  • Riccal
  • Ricford
  • Ricland

3. Harold's archers had been left here

  • York
  • London
  • Stamford Bridge

4. Anglo-Saxon defensive barrier

  • Shield wall
  • Spear Wall
  • Tortoise-shell formation

5. Harold appears to have had the support of this council

  • Witan
  • Wilran
  • Tangemot




This crossword is a funand quick way to test basic knowledge on the events of 1066 from Edward the Confessor's death until the Battle of Hastings.

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