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A quiz to take before your first biology exam.

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1. What is the deifinition of an organelle?

  • Cells of the same type performing a specific function
  • A small organ
  • A type of flower
  • A structure within a cell that does a specific thing
  • Smallest living unit
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2. Which one of these is NOT a characteristic of Crustaceans?

  • Quite a lot of legs
  • Some are external parasites
  • Two pairs of antennae
  • Mainly aquatic
  • Front part of body usually protected by a shield like cover

3. You are going to pass your biology exam.

  • True
  • False

4. What is the formula for glucose?

  • CO2 H12 G6
  • C6 H12 O6
  • G2 H2O
  • G2O
  • C2 G6 HO

5. Which of these is NOT an a-biotic factor?

  • Temperature
  • Space
  • Birth Rate
  • Light


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