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1. What IS NOT a function/power of the European Commission

  • Representing the EU on the world stage and with trade negotiations
  • Administers EU revenue and expenditure
  • It legislates on any section of politics, including health and education
  • Administers ad Executes EU legislation and programmes
  • Acts as a 'guardian to the treaties' and ensure EU law is properly applied
  • the EC has the sole right to draft legislation in most areas of the EU
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2. What does the term Democratic Deficit really mean?

  • the fact that Britain has the lead on the democratic pathway.
  • the lack of clarity of democratic procedures in the governing process.
  • the elitist nature of Michel's 'Iron Law of Oligarchy'
  • the DemoKratus Bank in debt by $567,000 (12/04/2016)

3. How does the President achieve the position?

  • They are nominated by the european Council by a QMV system
  • They are elected by the citizens in the states that were originally part of the EEC
  • They are appointed by HRH Elizabeth II
  • They are elected by every citizen of the EU over 18
  • I don't know

4. what is not a part of the European Court of Justice

  • The Civil Service Tribnal
  • The Court of Justice
  • The House of Lords
  • The General Court

5. The European Commission is similar to what part of 'the state'?

  • Fusion of powers means that there is one body to the EU, the legislature, executive and the judicature combined
  • don't know
  • its kinda like the Commons of the EU
  • its kinda like the Lords of the EU
  • its kinda like the Judicature of the EU
  • its kinda like the Executive of the EU
  • its kinda like the legislature of the EU


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