EU- Globalisation

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1. What impact has the Euro had?

  • Made no difference- partnerships were already close.
  • Made trade easier- no need to exchange as its consistent.
  • Made trade more difficult- it has a bad exchange rate.
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2. EU countries have to agree to laws, even if they contradict national ones. What does this do?

  • Creates a large community feel as countries help each other.
  • Increases crime.
  • Reduces independence.
  • Causes more referendums like the UK 2016 Referendum.

3. What increases security for member countries?

  • New terrorism laws have been put in place which all countries have to adhere to.
  • The EU Counter Terrorism Act protects all states with measures like biometric passports to increase reliability.
  • The Security Act allows anyone who is suspicious to be arrested.
  • There has been money invested in security against Non-EU countries.

4. How many members are in the EU now?

  • 29
  • 28
  • 27
  • 26

5. What has happened to trade with Europe for the UK?

  • It has increased, but no accurate data to back this arguement
  • It has decreased due to trade with NICs and US increasing.
  • It has increased: in 1970, 12% of GDP was from Europe trading; in 2002 23% of GDP was from EU trading
  • It has decreased: in 1970, 23% of GDP was from Europe trading; in 2002 12% of GDP was from EU trading


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