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Deliberate terminate of a pregnancy
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Active euthanasia
Deliberately ending the life of someone seriously ill
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Sexual relationship between 2 people, at least one of whom is married to someone else
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Advance decisions
These tell medical staff about end of life care- should the patient be unable to communicate their wishes
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Age of Consent
Legal age for sex to be treated as by agreement
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Political party formed to increase rights of black people in S.A.
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Declaration valid marriage never existed
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Hatred of Jews- discrimination
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Poloicy of racial segregation and discrimination by white minority government of S.A.
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Artificial Insemination AI
Sperm medically inserted into vagina to assist pregnancy
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AIH- Artificial insemination by Husband
Fertility treatment using husband's sperm not through sexual relations.
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AID/DI- Artificial Insemination by donor/donor insemination
Fertility treatment using donor sperm not through sexual relations
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Assisi Declarations
Statements relating to environment made by leaders of world religions
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right to make decisions for yourself
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Black Power
Political movement in USA emphasised racial pride and promoted black interests
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BNP- British National Party
Far right political party in UK
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CND- Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.
Campaign for unilatreal Nuclear Disarmament.
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Capital Punishment
Death Penalty
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Catechism of catholic Church
Book official teachings of RC Church
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Not having a sexual relationship outside marriage
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Moral standards and restraint with regard to sexual relations
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Fundamentalist - believes bible directly inspired by God no errors- Liberal- God guided writers of bible- some mistakes and teaching maybe out of date
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Civil partnership
Non religious ceremonies allow gay couples to legally register their partnership
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Civil Rights movement -
Gain justice for black people in USA- non violent means
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Creating genetically identical organism
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Couple living together with sex not married
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Exploiting for the purpose of making a profit
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Methods to prevent pregnancy
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Offence committed against the law of the land
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Designer Babies
Babies whose genetic structure has been chosen for certain characteristics
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Putting prejudice into action
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The point at which the foetus receives its soul from God thus becoming a person
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One of the Christian Sacraments, a service at which Christians eat bread and drink wine in remembrance of Jesus' death.
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The deliberate termination of life in order to end someone's suffering
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Extra-marital sex
Sex between two unmarried people - They may be single or married to someone else
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Fair trade
A movement that ensures that disadvantaged growers or producers in the developing world get a fair price for their goods
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Fertility treatment
Treatment given to enable women to conceive
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Foetal rights
The rights of the unborn child
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Pardoning someone for what they have done and not holding it against them
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Fundamentalist Christian
Someone who believes that the bible was inspired directly by God and contains no errors - Its teachings are always relevant
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G8 summit
Yearly meeting of leaders from the World's eight most powerful countries to discuss trade issues and world poverty
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Gateway drug
A soft drug that can lead someone on to use hard drugs
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Genetic engineering
Manipulating a persons genetic structure
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Hard drugs
Class A drugs
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To be attracted to a person of the opposite sex
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Being attracted to people of the same sex
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A place that provides care for terminally ill people
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Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA)
The committee that regulates all research relating to the embryo
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Human Sexuality
How people express themselves as sexual beings
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Hybrid embryo
Embryo created by putting human genetic material into an empty cow's egg
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Institutional racism
Racial prejudice and discrimination at the heart of some organisations
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In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)
a form of fertility treatment where eggs are fertilised outside the womb
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Irrational fear of muslims
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Treating everyone fairly and equally
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Just War theory
Set of conditions to be met if war is to be justified
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Klu Klux Klan (KKK)
A white racist group in the USA
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Kyoto Treaty
An international agreement to cut back on carbon emissions and deal with environmental problems
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Liberal Christian
Someone who believes that God guided the writers of the Bible, but there are mistakes and some teachings are out of date
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Macmillan nurse
A nurse who is specially trained in palliative care for cancer patients
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Someone who dies for their faith
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Maternal rights
The rights of the mother
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Absolute - fixed unchanging rules - Relative takes circumstances into account
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Non-voluntary euthanasia
Ending the life of a sick person who is incapable of requesting death
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Nuptial Mass
A service of Holy Communion held as part of the arraign ceremony
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someone who is opposed to violence
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Palliative care
Specialised care that relieves pain and distress
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Passive euthanasia
Letting a person die without medical intervention
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Being able to live without fear of harm and to fulfil your full potential
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Permanent vegetative state (PVS)
An irreversible condition caused by the destruction of the neocortical area of the brai
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Pre-implantaion genetic diagnosis PGD
Screening embryos created by IVF to select closest match to sick child
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An irrational option about an individual or group
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Pre-marital sex
Sex before marriage
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Supporting the right of women to decide wether they want to have an abortion
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Procreative sex
Sex which has the possibility of conception
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The ant abortion view that the foetus has absolute right to life
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Quality of life
Whether or not a person will have a life that is worthwhile and of value
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One of the Christian sacraments involving confessing your sins to a priest and declaring God's forgiveness
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Relative morality
A type of morality which takes the situation and circumstances into account
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Reproductive cloning
Also known as human cloning, this would be the creation of an identical copy of a human
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Respect for life
Recognising that every living being has value
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Respite care
A short period of rest for carers
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The duties that humans have because of the power they exercise
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An outward action or ceremony that gives a spiritual blessing
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Sacramental covenant
A sacred contract involving promises
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Refusing to trade with a country
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Sanctity of life
The idea that life is holy and precious because God given
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Saviour siblings
Babies conceived using IVF, whose cord blood is used to treat seriously ill siblings
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blaming an innocent individual or group for something wrong
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Not religious
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Right to make decisions for oneself in life- Used in argument for those who agree with voluntary euthanasia
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Sexual immorality
How sex outside marriage is described in the bible.
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Soft drugs
Class B (and C) drugs
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Somatic-cell therapy
Gene therapy to correct a faulty gene through replacing it with a working copy
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The idea that humans do not own the world but should look after it responsibly for God
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A woman carrying and giving birth to a child for another couple
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Not drinking alcohol
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Therapeutic cloning
Also knob as stem-cell cloning - This would use stem cells from an embryo to create replacement tissue or organs
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A period of 3 months (Pregnancy split into 3 trimesters)
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Unitive sex
The idea that sex makes a couple one
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The point in development at which a baby could be born with some chance of independent survival
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Voluntary euthanasia
Ending a person's life at their own request
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Deliberately ending the life of someone seriously ill


Active euthanasia

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Sexual relationship between 2 people, at least one of whom is married to someone else


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These tell medical staff about end of life care- should the patient be unable to communicate their wishes


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Legal age for sex to be treated as by agreement


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